Expert AC Filter Replacement Services in Houston

Did you know that the effects of a dirty AC filter can be noticed throughout the entire air conditioning system? Call today and ask the experts at All, Inc. about professional AC air filter replacement services. Enjoy instant savings on your next call with our latest online coupons and deals.

AC Filter Replacement Services

Every homeowner’s goal is to make sure their AC system is working efficiently. However, the one thing that may be holding you back from absolute efficiency is a dirty or clogged air filter. At All, Inc., we help Houston, TX commercial and residential clients unlock the true potential of their HVAC systems with professional AC filter replacement services.

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Why Change the Air Filter on a Regular Basis?

Your AC system requires a constant stream of fresh, clean air to function. The air filter is in place to filter dust and other impurities from the air before it enters the AC. Over time, the filter gets clogged with debris, dust, pet dander and other impurities found in the air. When this happens, it becomes more difficult for the AC to get a sufficient amount of clean air, resulting in reduced efficiency and additional strain on the AC system. Getting the filter changed on a regular basis ensures that the unit is always working efficiently and the AC is working safely.

How Often Should the Filter Get Changed?

The length of time between changing the filters is different for every homeowner. With that being said, getting it changed twice per year is a good start. Changing the filter at the start of the winter and the start of the summer ensures your filter is always clean.

If you have pets in the home, smokers or family members with allergies, we recommend changing the filter more often since you may produce more dust or be more sensitive to air impurities.

Why Choose All, Inc.?

In addition to providing comprehensive AC filter replacement services, the experts at All, Inc. also provide the following unique service features:

24-Hour Emergency Service: We’re on call 24/7 to keep your home or business protected from emergencies.

All Calls are Answered by a Real Person: You’ll always get connected directly to a person when you call us, we don’t use complicated automated systems.

One Call Does it All: We specialize in a variety of commercial and residential services so you can get everything you need with one call.

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